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Nu Visual Language is an innovative project designed to create visuals based on various songs and lyrics. Tracks have been chosen, the collaborators picked, our aim is to create a visual mixtape, a set of alternative artwork to accompany the music, the lyrics and the mood. Please check back soon for the updates, limited edition prints and exhibition details... Enjoy ... Radim Malinic

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We are living in a time where 12 inch record covers have been reduced in size and almost replaced by the popularity and convenience of the CD format, CD covers are now facing a similar fate as album artwork is squeezed yet further into iTunes thumbnails and even scaled down further onto the screens of our iPods.

However, identity is still important, possibly more so than ever before as artists and consumers of music alike try to differentiate themselves from their peers.

Although the MP3 format has opened up the musical world to a wealth of opportunities for new audiences and distribution, it is a stretch of the imagination to think of them becoming collectors items. The aim of NVL is to create 12 alternative pieces of cover artwork, a visual mix tape, an album of our visual take on the chosen songs. Depends in which way its observed. NVL projects is led by Radim Malinic, a freelance designer and illustrator based in Southampton, England.

The twelve tracks I have chosen have been somehow inspirational to me and triggered whole idea of this project.

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