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Nu Visual Language is an innovative project designed to create visuals based on various songs and lyrics. Tracks have been chosen, the collaborators picked, our aim is to create a visual mixtape, a set of alternative artwork to accompany the music, the lyrics and the mood. Please check back soon for the updates, limited edition prints and exhibition details... Enjoy ... Radim Malinic

Project created by Brand Nu | | Online presence developed by Scott Pollard & Brand Nu Media | |

All of the NVL artwork is/was showcased in a exhibition from 6th May - 15th June 2008 in prestigious Bargate Monument Gallery in Southampton.

Each printed piece is/was be displayed along with a set of headphones playing the original track looped so anyone viewing the artwork can have a direct aural and visual experience.

The works were printed in size of 700 x 700mm. In addition, NVL will feature all of the visuals within the pages of this website. Click on the Artworks to see the results.

There are also the 'visual mixtapes' available at the time of exhibition as well as for sale via this website.

The show will be shown in other UK cities during summer/autumn 2008.

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