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Nu Visual Language is an innovative project designed to create visuals based on various songs and lyrics. Tracks have been chosen, the collaborators picked, our aim is to create a visual mixtape, a set of alternative artwork to accompany the music, the lyrics and the mood. Please check back soon for the updates, limited edition prints and exhibition details... Enjoy ... Radim Malinic

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There's 10 out of 12 songs already confirmed, I 've got the pleasure to announce contributing music artists.

James Zabiela, Part Time Heroes, Stephen McCleery, Adama, The Amalgamation of Sounds, GrooveAssasin, Bugge Wesseltoft, Jestofunk feat Atjazz, Sofa Surfers & the Midnight Circus.

Many thanks to all above for their contribution to this great project. The last two songs are currently awaiting the copyright clearance to complete this unusual yet amazing tracklist.

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