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Nu Visual Language is an innovative project designed to create visuals based on various songs and lyrics. Tracks have been chosen, the collaborators picked, our aim is to create a visual mixtape, a set of alternative artwork to accompany the music, the lyrics and the mood. Please check back soon for the updates, limited edition prints and exhibition details... Enjoy ... Radim Malinic

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Valp | Nietylko

After few years of being computer games editor Maciej realised that one picture can say much more than thousand words and focused on his biggest hobby: graphics. He was not extra talented and did not draw more than other kids so he had to learn much to start his own career in this industry. He learnt all skills by his own, experiment with everything unknown to describe is own unique style. Now, after a four years of hard working, as a 26 year old graphic designer he is playing with things he just cannot see in his neighbourhood. Illustrations, posters, covers, web designs, logo, identity and many other. This is his passion and lifes journey.

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