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Nu Visual Language is an innovative project designed to create visuals based on various songs and lyrics. Tracks have been chosen, the collaborators picked, our aim is to create a visual mixtape, a set of alternative artwork to accompany the music, the lyrics and the mood. Please check back soon for the updates, limited edition prints and exhibition details... Enjoy ... Radim Malinic

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Stefan Lucut

Stefan Lucut is 21 years old and he is from Ploiesti/ Romania, now based in Timisoara/Romania. In 2000 he was winning a painting contest and 8 computers for his gymnasium school. Rita Badulescu is his first teacher that guided and supported him and his graphic designer abilities. He successfully finishes Architecture High School.

In his third year at Art University in Timisoara, Stefan he is now working as a freelance, and he tries to fill the image-goals with his vision about good taste image.

At this moment, Stefan is a full member of the eclectic artist community, Depthcore ( He also is the owner of the electric design portal Etcetering ( Stefan Lucut recently become a proud member of THE KDU (The Keystone Design Union).

"For me, graphic design in no more than expressing life as I feel it." Free, colorful and in huge daily doses "Freestyle.Color.Overdose."

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